Mary Jane Cronin's Unexpected Change will be a godsend for every person who realizes life is an out of control experience and needs help dealing with it. She has filled this helpful guide with tips and insights that will help you to adapt and overcome the challenges that change presents. These strategies will help you to minimize stress and anxiety and focus on the opportunity change presents.
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A Bump in the Road: Author Mary Jane Cronin On Unexpected Life Changes   By Emily Kochanski

 When someone is faced with an unexpected change, they are often uncertain of how to handle it. Thankfully, best-selling author Mary Jane Cronin has all the answers. On June 13, Cronin payed a visit to American House, and assisted living facility located in Zephyrhills, to impart her wisdom to its residents and staff.
Cronin’s presentation, “Bumps in the Road,” began at 10 a.m. Over the course of an hour, she listed and expounded on the positive ways one can overcome a difficult life change, such as retirement, illness, or loss. Cronin was inspired to write about such matters after the sudden loss of her son. “I was devastated. He was sixteen years old,” Cronin began. “I was afraid, I was panicking. As a result, I sat and wrote letters to heaven…and through my writings, my first book came out.” Cronin has been writing since early 2000; over the course of seventeen years, she has produced four books. All of the wisdom she imparts in her books comes from personal experience. The loss of her son and her work as a counselor at Hospice for ten years were the basis for her first two books. Her latest book, “Unexpected Change,” has become a best seller on Amazon and was the basis for her lecture at American House. Residents listened intently as she listed off different ways to deal with the grief that often follows a change. Cronin recommended such actions as early planning, assembling a support system, journaling, breathing exercises, and, most importantly, laughter. She also took her audience step by step through a meditative process that can help to alleviate stress. “When I left Hospice and went into private practice and started these presentations, I was originally focusing on caregiver needs,” said Cronin. “My goal was to invite family members of the residents to come and learn skills on how to take care of themselves.”

Cronin’s audience at American House was very receptive, which is her favorite part of an lecture. At the end of her presentation, Cronin gave a copy of her book to each resident who attended, hoping that they will continue to utilize her wisdom on a regular basis and share what they learned with others.
“I would say not to sweat the small stuff but, the thing is, when you’re going through a bump in the road, it’s not the small staff,” Cronin said. “I think the important thing is to know that you can overcome it. You just have to take a deep breath, look at your options, and work towards getting over that bump.”
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Cronin engaged her audiences by leading them in various exercises directed at eliminating stress and by following up her points with relatable and quirky examples.
Mary Jane Cronin was inspired to write her first book, “November Mourning,” after losing her son. She has since released three more books with more on the way.

Unexpected Change This is a book that will CHANGE your life. When we are driving down the road and there is a speed bump ahead, we usually see a sign..."slow down, speed bump ahead. That doesn't always happen in real life. Unexpected Change gives the reader tips, goals, and new ways to de-escalate the fear, anxiety and depression felt following  an unexpected change in their life.

This is my favorite of Ms Cronin's books thus far. "Unexpected Change" illustrates how change affects us physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. As a fellow counselor, it is very important to have practical, real-life examples of healthy coping skills during times of change and stress to provide to my clients. I feel comfortable recommending this to my clients. Ms Cronin's writing style is professional and knowledgeable, yet warm and approachable. I highly recommend "Unexpected Change" to anyone experiencing change, as well as professionals assisting those affected by change.  Deirdre Martin  Nova Healing, LLC

Unexpected Change helps you control change, instead of change controlling you. Concise, practical steps get your life moving forward again. Keep this book at your bedside; it will help you survive and thrive!

 Harriet Hodgson, MA
Author of The Family Caregiver’s Guide