Individual Counseling and Coaching

Counseling and coaching have different goals. Counseling to me, is to help you work through a situation or problem that is causing distress to your life.  My counseling services are for those experiencing “Bumps in the Road” or going through changes in their life.  

  • Have you experienced a sudden or unexpected change in your life? Loss, grief, sudden retirement or employment change or a health issues?


  • Have you had a positive change enter your life? Promotion, location change? Even positive changes can through us into a tailspin and leave us anxious and concerned.

Together we will look at the areas that maybe troubling you, and create a plan and steps to reclaim the balance in your life.

 Coaching on the other hand, is to improve the person you are now, to be the best you can be. My coaching is designed to educate, encourage, and empower you.


Eight One hour sessions