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Losing someone is difficult every day since they have been gone, but holidays and special days for you can make those days even harder and more unbearable. Having someone to listen...talk to...during those times can help ease the pain. Together on this page we can share stories of our loved ones and offer support to each other.    My wish that while looking around my website and Facebook pages you will find support and information to help make your life a bit easier. My hope that by sharing my personal story of surviving loss and beginning a life of purpose and meaning, you will see it is possible for you too. My goal is to reach out to help others and show them how writing and talking about your troubles can help sort them out the issues and find positive solutions. Holding your grief inside thinking it will go away in time is not the answer.  Getting help through friends, family, church and community agencies will be helpful. Visit websites and blogs that validate your feelings and let you know you are not alone.  

Writing Through Your Grief

November Mourning

Mary Jane Cronin

Mary Jane Cronin

Counselor         Mother           Friend