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November Mourning
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A Caregiver's Connection

                                   WiggleBug Publishing was created after the loss of my son. Jeremy was a beautiful. talented, and compassionate young man. Going through the experience I was alone and afraid. Fearful of my feelings...fearful I would lose another child...fearful that I was going crazy with the feelings and emotions swimming around in my head.

November Mourning is my first book. This is my journey through the grief process and survival techniques I learned to get my through this horrible experience.

Writing Through your Grief is my guidebook. Journaling has always been my path to sanity. Writing as I faced the begining of new life with a husband 1,000 miles away from my home and family, the end of a divorce  to that husband after 18 years, and now through  losing a child. The book offers prompts and opportunity to explore your feeling and develop ways for others to help you through the grief journey.

A Caregiver Connection was born out the unplanned and uncertainty of discovering you have to care for a loved one who may be ill or unable to care for themselves. Chapters include self care, places to get  help, and (of course) journaling prompts to talk about your feelings and record memories with your loved one.

Anticipatory Grief is like "waiting for the other shoe to drop". It is like losing someone or something  in baby steps.  Working in a hospice setting I have seen people go to the doctor with what they thought was a "little" problem, only to be told they have an illness that will end their lives. Faced with the loss of a future, the panic of what to do, what will their loved ones do, and many questions involving treatment and comfort care must now be discussed. Still being developed, this book is to offer support, guidance and information to help you or your loved one through this unforeseen experience.