Community Presentations

​Presentations are held in an agency offices and focus on a single topic. The gathering can be a “lunch and Learn” for staff or held at the end of the day with light refreshments. This interactive approach to common issues and concerns provides information and solutions to pertinent issues.

Glenda said to Dorothy: You always had the power…you just didn’t know you did. Life changing events can cause us to become frozen without the right tools. Talking out your concerns, designing a plan and reaching your goal can give you the power too. 

Survival in the Office


Caregiver Awareness



Loss and Grief


Listening visits make it more comfortable for people who need to talk to someone. Validating one’s feelings and providing support may be all that is needed to develop a new way of thinking and can be held in person, on Skype or on Facetime. 


Helping People who are Helping Others

Mary Jane a licensed counselor, focuses her visits and presentations on the needs of others. Scattered in with the rewards of providing care, comes the juggling of family, work and personal time.  Caring for others can be difficult, stressful and overwhelming at times. Offering listening visits and community presentations Mary Jane spreads the word that self-care and recharging one’s battery is not a luxury, but an essential part of continuing to do the work you love.